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Viljoen Consulting is a specialist Internal Audit company. It was established to provide access to Internal Audit functions, primarily targeting the SMME market, that were previously only enjoyed by large companies and corporations who could afford an Internal Audit Division. Viljoen Consulting recognizes the absolute necessity for SMMEs to implement best practices in respect of policies, procedures, flows, controls and other preventative practices, thereby protecting the company from possible fraud and other related losses.


  • Legal Compliance

    Legal Compliance We all complain about the mountains of the red tape that we are all faced with as Small Business Owners, not only as we start our businesses, but also as we grow and reach the various ceilings. To make this even more daunting, there is no single place out there that will assist…

  • Business Sophistication Assessments

    Business Sophistication Assessments There is no lack of SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas for services and/or products.There is no lack of SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs with an abundance of passion and heart. What there is a lack of is SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs with the knowledge and/or experience to run a business. Does this mean that…

  • Small Business Start-up Workshops

    Small Business Start-up Workshops Tired of fighting my way through endless Red Tape, and understanding the New Business owners often have no idea where to go or what to do when starting a new business, I have written and developed a Practical Guide to Starting a Business  workshop. The workshop covers an array of topics and as…

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Amendments to legislation, being promulgated on an on going basis, will require that procedures and controls be audited at regular intervals, in an attempt to curtail corruption and fraud in business. Viljoen Consulting strives to assist businesses in aligning with legislation and good business practices.
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Nikki – your professional and thorough services in guiding us through the retrenchment process was a great relief and comfort. Our business closure for health reasons was traumatic for all yet you eased the pain by leading us through the process with a fair and honest conclusion. Thank You. 
Peter Hall, ProJack Trading CC

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