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Sales 101 – How to Increase your Sales Income – Part 2

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Today we are again looking at some of the different ways in which we can increase our Sales Income.

Education is key! Educating your target market or “market ignorance” is what it is generally called. Let’s face it, unless you tell people what it is that you sell, be it product or service, how will they know?

So get yourself a blog and write and post articles or tips related to your product or service. Give people useful tips and information – share ideas or get a discussion going that explores different ideas or gives answers to related challenges.

Get satisfied customers to tell their stories of what made them use your product or service and how it worked for them, what were the benefits, what were the challenges and how these were overcome. Try to get your stories published in the newspapers or magazines or even on the radio or television. You would be absolutely amazed how ‘hungry’ for material all of these mediums are and even if you don’t get paid to tell your stories or share your tips and advice, get them to publish it under your branding – get your name out there.

Use direct mail or direct sales or direct telesales to get your message across. Some people understand pictures better than words, some like to hear rather than read and some prefer a combination of all. Whichever you choose – make sure that you get your message across and that people understand the value of what it is that you are selling.

Educate your target market.

Next time I will be sharing a few more tips.