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Inspiration – Our own minds

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Jameson Frank says “Our greatest battles are those that are fought in our own minds.”

Ain’t that the truth and wouldn’t the world be a much better place if that were the only place battles were fought?

I know, that for me on a personal level, the time I took out from my clients between the 15th of December last year and the 12th of January this year, served not only as a rest period but also gave me a chance to finish off some of the battles in my mind that started during the course of last year.

I know that for many (myself included) last year was a challenging year. I certainly had one from a business point of view and from a personal perspective.

My business has morphed in so many ways and become so much more than what I first envisioned. I have started a second business that is so completely different from what I do and have done in the past, I have walked away from some pretty long-term friendships and have grown so much as a person.

Most of these changes meant that great battles had to be fought in my mind.

All of these changes came about as a direct result of battles that had already been fought . . . and won.

You see for me, although I am not scared of change and once the decision has been made, I usually embrace change – in many of these instances the actual decision to make the change, was extremely difficult and painful, but I knew deep down inside that they had to be made in order for me to move on or move forward.

I made a choice to move forward in my life and in order for me to do that, changes had to be made – some of those changes cost me dearly, but had I not paid the price – I could have been stuck there for a long time and that price was one that I was not prepared to pay.

So now I am rested and ready and excited and rearing to go, into the new year, where I will reap the benefits of winning those battles and paying those prices!

What about you – how have your battles gone? Are you ready to make history this year? I know I am!