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Inspiration – Closer to the top

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H Norman Schwarzkopf says “You can’t help someone get up the hill without getting closer to the top yourself.”

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.  Everyone needs some sort of assurance that they are going in the right direction or that they have made the right decision from time to time.  This is more so of a need in the SMME (Small, Medium, Micro Enterprise) arena that anywhere else.  Why you may ask?  Well quite simply, small business owners often feel that they are all alone and in some extreme cases even feel ‘lonely’ in business.  Strange as that may seem, that is exactly the reality that some people find themselves in.

Little wonder then that Life and Business coaches are in abundance or that mentorship programs are offered up on silver platters.

Ever thought seriously about why that is?  Sure there is a financial reward and sure they will have a bevy of extremely grateful clients who will hang onto their every word.  But what’s the ‘what’s in it’ for them?  What is the ‘pay off’ for them?

Quite simply it is also what they get out of the relationship.  It’s about how they grow from the experience.  It’s about what they learn from the person that they are in fact teaching.

In the laws of the Universe, it is about ‘getting what you give’ or ‘playing it forward’.

Remember though, you have to ‘give it’ first before you will ‘get it’ back.