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Sales 101 – How to Increase your Sales Income – Part 6

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Why do your clients come back to you time after time?  Perhaps I should be asking, do your customers come back time after time?  There must be some sort of reason why.

Once you know what that reason is, your business will be going in a different direction altogether. Once you know what captivates your clients you will be able to capitalize on this knowledge and use it to its fullest potential.

Refine that reason, explore it, expand it, grow it, morph it into different aspects and then sell it for all that it is worth!

Take note, Discovery Health for example – it started out as just another medical aid.  Then came the Vitality program (where you compete against yourself and the program) and the gym subscriptions.  Then the Discovery credit card and now the health foods that you can buy at Pick ‘n Pay.  All are variations of a theme – your health.  All make a difference (if used correctly) to your health and all of them make a huge amount of money for Discovery and their respective partners.

So once you have found your unique selling point, capitalize on it – make yourself different and stand out from the crowd.  Remember though, you can’t just sit on your laurels, you then have to do something about what it is that you have discovered.  Find new innovative ways to expand your business and grow it.

Innovation and action will always result in success.