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Marketing 101 – Making Time to Market – Part 2

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As promised last time, here are some more ideas on ‘making time’ to market yourself and your business.

Attending Networking Meetings, Workshops & Other Events

Going to events such as these, really gives you an opportunity to tell people who you are and what it is that you do. Often all that is needed is for someone to start the ball rolling and that someone should be you. Exchange business cards, listen to what others do and try and match them up with someone in your data base. Before you know it the favour will be returned and referrals will be flying in thick and fast. Try and make it more interesting – take a colleague along with you, you double your value add and your colleague will also have an opportunity to do some marketing of their own.


Whether you are on a business trip, and let’s face it we all do that from time to time, or whether you are on holiday – make time to meet a colleague or a client or even a prospective business referral. Use times such as meal times – this is ideal for someone who is already on business and means that it is one less meal that you need to eat on your own. If you are on holiday, you still have to eat at some point so it does not take anything away from your holiday time and it is also a great opportunity to find out more about the locals and get great tips on where to eat and what to visit.

More tips next time.