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Marketing 101 – The E-Mail Way – Part 2

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Following on from last week –

One of the things that I have learnt from managing my database and Networking is that people have to constantly be reminded about you. Who you are, and what it is that you do.

In view of this it is extremely important to have your branding on everything that you do. Every mail that you send out should be properly branded and by using e-mail marketing, something (even if it is just a short newsletter of sorts) should go out on a regular basis, in order to build up and or maintain your data base.

Small businesses do not have the kind of cash flow that supports the big name brands such as Coca-Cola®, who spend millions on ad campaigns on TV, in the newspapers, in magazines and on billboards (to name but a few), to get their name embedded in the minds of Joe Public. So how do we do it?

Again one of the most cost effective ways to run an ad campaign would be through the use of e-mails. This would have a similar impact at a fraction of the cost.

E-mail also reaches the entire world which means that your product or service would also reach friends, family and customers where-ever they are in the world. E-mail marketing knows no boundaries.

We are living in a technological age and this also means that most of what we do can be automated and this includes the use of E-mails for marketing. There are systems available that add new customers or friends or e-mail addresses to your data base. You don’t actually have to physically add all the addresses in yourself, this can be automated making the task even more simple and even more cost effective – how cool is that? In fact, if the truth be told, there are even systems that will send follow up mails and prompt clients and prospective client to respond and even update their own information on your database as well as unsubscribe. Now that’s technology for you!

Next week we will continue with some more advantages of e-mail marketing.