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Marketing 101 – Follow That Lead

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I am often frustrated beyond measure and to the point where I lose my sense of humour when I receive a flyer in the mail advertising the services of a handyman and I call him, ready with my very long list of bits and pieces that I need done around the house, only to sit and wait for someone who never actually arrives, despite the fact that the appointment has been booked and confirmed.  I mean, what’s with that?

As the handyman in question, you have marketed yourself, advertised your services and then you don’t pitch to give me a quote or you come and quote and then I never hear from you again.  Why have you gone to the trouble and cost of marketing and advertising, but you don’t follow up on leads?

People, this is a biggie!  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is becoming obsessed with sourcing leads.  What happens then is that you have an abundance of leads and you don’t have the infrastructure or spare capacity to actually respond to what you already have and you are already out and about trying to source more leads.

Remember that the most expensive cost to a sale is generating the lead – not following up on that lead is like throwing money away.  Putting a practical, simple procedure in place to ensure that you follow up on all of your leads would be hugely beneficial in ensuring that you meet all of your delivery promises.

A happy client, who has had all of their needs and expectations met, is a returning customer and a referring customer.