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Networking 101 – Being a Great Connector

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So what exactly is it that makes connectors so popular in a Networking environment?

Simple really, as their name suggests they connect people with one another – people who can do great, profitable business. People who, under normal circumstances, would never even realise that they have any kind of synergy are connected in ways that they never even thought about. Connectors are able to see and think out of the box and because they understand the true essence of Networking, they are able to, not only see the connection but also facilitate it.

Connectors build huge networks around themselves, so it’s little wonder that many people would love to get to know them, to have access to their networks or data bases, if nothing else.

Connectors are people who are trusted by their networks and data bases and since they are well known and trusted people often do business with one another, without knowing, or on occasion, even meeting one another. You see the relationship has already been established and built by the connector.

You will always find at least one connector at a Networking event. It’s not because they need to meet yet another bookkeeper or another coach, it’s because they need to meet and have access to all the people that that bookkeeper or coach know, in order to facilitate the connections that they need to make.

Connectors are driven to move the value that they know and trust is in their networks from one contact to the other, connecting one person to another. They understand that making these connections will also benefit them. They also understand that Networking isn’t about instant gratification but rather of adding value to their Network and over time they will reap the rewards from making these connections.

Connectors understand that it’s about finding synergy between people they have known for years and the new people that they are constantly meeting.

Connectors instinctively Network where ever they go, with everyone that they meet.

Connectors know and appreciate that their Networks are in fact a professional asset to their businesses.

Is your Network a professional asset to you? If not, perhaps it is time to make it one of the goals for you for the coming year.