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Networking 101 – You need to connect the dots

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I must be quite honest here – I am often amused by people, who when I call them up to set up an appointment say something along the lines of “well I don’t think I need your services and I can’t see how you would need mine, so I’d rather not waste your time .. .”

You see, it’s not just about whether I have something to sell that you don’t necessarily want to buy or that you don’t need.

It’s not about whether I need or want to buy whatever service or product that you might be selling.

For me it’s about understanding more about what it is that you do, so that if I come across anyone that may require your services or products, I will be able to refer them to you.

It’s about you understanding more about my business, so that if you come across anyone who would need my services you could refer me.

It’s not necessarily about you, but it may become about who you know that I don’t know and who may want to do business with me.

It’s not necessarily about me, but it may become about who I know that you may want to get to know and do business with.

It’s not about what we know, it’s about who we know and more importantly, it’s also about who we know, who others don’t know and yet perhaps should know.

So when you get a call from me requesting a meeting to discuss “possible synergies and to explore mutually beneficial business opportunities”, understand that it is not only for my benefit or even your benefit but it could be for the benefit of both you and I, as well as everybody else that we know.