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Sales 101 – Timing is Key

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I am sure that you have all experienced the sale that you really, really push for. You are geared up and excited. Everything seems to be going in the right direction and then . . . . . . nothing. You cannot seem to close the deal. You cannot seem to get hold of anyone who can make a decision. Everything spirals downwards and the whole bloody thing goes pear shaped. You’re left sitting there wondering what the hell happened!

You go back to the beginning and analyze everything that you did, what was said, by whom and when and in all honesty you cannot for the life of you see what went wrong, where it went wrong, and why it went wrong.

Relax! Chances are that it has nothing to do with you anyway but that it is a timing thing. It happens to me all the time – it’s almost like I am ‘before my own time’ if that makes any sense. Go back to them in a few months time, pitch it again and watch the whole concept fall on very fertile ground. Most of the time it will seem as though you have pitched an entirely new concept, one that they have never even heard before. It’s quite extraordinary.

Here’s the thing though – you need to stay in touch. Continue to build the relationship. Continue to add value to the potential client. Remain focused. Be consistent and be persistent and believe me it will pay you big dividends in the long run.

It’s just a matter of time.