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Networking 101 – Gaining Entry to the Inner Sanctum

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I have recently been “invited” into the inner sanctum of the Corporate Leader! The emphasis however, is on the “invited” as this is the exception rather than the rule and the reality of the situation is that a huge number of hours are lost to SMME’s on a daily basis as they try and get through to the decision makers.

Hours are spent each day doing the ‘dance’ with PA’s, assuming of course that you have made it past the receptionist or even the switchboard operator.

You see, you are seen to be as no different to the thousands of other people who are trying to get their product and/or service noticed. Why would you think that would be treated any differently to the way that they are treated.

Networking though, gives you the opportunity to be directly in front of the person that you need to talk to. It levels the playing field, so to speak and it puts you in a better position to discuss issues as a peer, rather than just another person trying to make demands on their time.

Remember though that time is always of the essence, so don’t be wasting theirs (or yours for that matter), be prepared. Have all of your information and potential promotional material at the ready.

Keep it short and concise and interesting, you’ll actually achieve and make far more of an impact that way.