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Business Tips – Why Twitter – Part 2

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Everyone is ‘twittering’ about Twitter! From what I have heard, it is often asked “what is Twitter” or “how does it work?” and my personal favourite “What are you doing?”

For those of us who use social networking as a marketing tool, this last question is often seen on sites like Facebook, MySpace or Linkedin. The fact of the matter is that people are interested in learning more about you – be that in your personal capacity or in your business capacity. That’s just human nature – we are a curious species.

So for me, it makes perfect sense to use Twitter as a marketing tool. As individuals “follow me” on Twitter, they link into my website and my blogs. If they like what they read, chances are that they will start looking out for my daily link and many of them don’t even wait to do that, they signup on the website to get the blogs sent to them on a daily basis. How cool is that?

Now, I’m not saying that everyone who “follows me” will be interested in all of the articles that I write, but since (in my opinion) there is something for everyone, it stands to reason that as I link up to people who I follow and then they follow me – more and more traffic is driven to my website and we could all do with that, I am sure you will agree!

From a marketing point of view, those who “follow me” on Twitter have found something in my articles that interest them – this of course means that they are my “target market”. Here’s another cool thing – not only are these individuals looking at my information, but I am also looking at their information. Not only am I making a difference in their lives, but they are also making a difference and adding value to mine.

What an incredible way to collaborate! What an incredible way to interact with and meet new people!

Man, I love technology – yes, I know that I always say that I am a technophobe (but that is because I don’t understand the technical terminology) and that I don’t always understand it, but I do know, a little bit about what it does and I sure do love it!

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