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Business Tips – Computer Shortcuts – Part 4

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Another fabulously positive responsive week I got last week.  Seems I am not the only one who doesn’t know all the shortcuts and tips.  Here are last lot, which makes this one the end of the series.

Last  Up – Outlook Shortcut Keys
Alt + S    Send the mail
Ctrl + C    Copy selected text
Ctrl + X    Cut selected text
Ctrl + P    Open print dialogue box
Ctrl + K    Complete name/e-mail typed in address bar
Ctrl + B    Bold highlighted selection
Ctrl + I    Italicize highlighted selection
Ctrl + U    Underline highlighted selection
Ctrl + R    Reply to an e-mail
Ctrl + F    Forward and e-mail
Ctrl + N    Create a new e-mail
Ctrl + Shift + A    Create a new appointment for your calendar
Ctrl + Shift + O    Open the outbox
Ctrl + Shift + I    Open the inbox
Ctrl + Shift + K    Add a new task
Ctrl + Shift + C    Create a new contact
Ctrl + Shift + J    Create a new journal entry

Again I knew one or two of these, but certainly not the majority and now of course I will also have to irritate the heck out of my IT guy by asking all the ‘what does . . . . . mean?”.

Okay everybody, that’s the end of that, next week we will be looking at something completely different.