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Blogging 101 – Don’t be scared to ask for help

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Many of the people I encounter on a daily basis, look at me as if I have lost the plot when I suggest that they should blog.

I am not sure if it is because they feel insecure about themselves and what they do or indeed if it is merely because the very thought of “I have to write something” scares the crap out of them. The look of absolute terror on their faces pretty much resembles those of a buck that has been caught unawares in the headlights of an oncoming car – pretty much ‘frozen’ in terror they are!

Yet it is these self-same individuals, whose faces light up in animation and with intense passion as they verbally describe who they are and what it is that they do and why you should purchase their product or engage their services. Why is that do you think?

What is it about the written word that sends people into an absolute tizz? I mean, at some point we all have to document things, proposals, or Business Plans and what have you – why is it so difficult to document something that we are really passionate about?

I actually have several clients and colleagues who have grasped the ‘idea’ of writing blogs, but who are doubtful of their ability to communicate in the written word.

We sat down together and I ‘talked’ them through it. They made lists of all the topics that they wanted to write about and then we broke them down into sub-topics and then further into bite-sized chunks that would easily fit into articles of around 300 words or so.

Ideas of what they actually wanted to share, were jotted down and then the whole exercise of writing could begin. Once the article was written, they sent it to me to read and critique.

For most, what started out as a monthly blog has now become a weekly blog and I suspect, it won’t stay as just a weekly blog for much longer and some have even added a monthly newsletter to the mix.

To be quite honest, in many ways I feel like a ‘proud’ parent as I watch their writing grow from strength to strength, and as I watch their style of writing morph and flourish and become more about ‘who’ they are.

Well done to them I say – for taking that first step into a whole new, exciting and magical world of the written word.

Well done!