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Blogging 101 – The Pros and Cons of Weekend Blogging

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I have often been asked why I don’t have a weekend post. Well, the truth of the matter is that generally speaking, I am battling to keep up with the writing of the daily articles right now, even the thought of having to write another one or two more articles a week is enough to send me into a state of panic.

The reality though is that many people only work on the internet during the week, although we small business owners would generally not fit into that particular category. Depending on who you target with your blogs, this would mean that there would be a lower number of readers over the weekend but that the number of readers on a Monday would increase sharply as these readers played “catch up”.

Many individuals though, just stop following a blog if they feel that they have missed too many episodes and some also feel really overwhelmed if they have too many unread articles waiting for them from their favorite blogs.

So in view of this, is there even a point in posting something over a weekend?

Well here’s the thing, even though there are many individuals who aren’t on the internet over the weekend, there are still many who are and these clearly are the folk that you need to target.

All the articles that I have read on the subject though really emphasize the need to write shorter, thought-provoking articles. These are sure to catch the attention of the individuals who brave the internet on the weekends as well as appeal to the Monday morning folk who play catch up. The weekend readers are also more likely to end up with a burning desire to know more and hopefully will then also begin reading your posts during the course of the week.

Remember though to keep it short and interesting.