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Blogging 101 – Always be yourself

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I must admit, I really did have quite a chuckle when I read the article “Be Yourself” by Oleg Mokhov the other day. You see I am a very literal person and the first thought that jumped up into my mind was ‘well how else could I be anyone other than myself?” The thought of being or even trying to be someone else is absolutely repugnant to me!

After some thought (and of course reading the whole article through also helped), I got the point.

Mokhov’s point is that that he writes the way that he talks, which is in a ‘very relaxed and informal’ manner, and very much like myself, he keeps it simple and easy to understand.

It appears that some people’s perception is that their own type of personality is not particularly successful and the result is that they then try and force themselves to become someone else and quite frankly unless you are an accomplished actor or actress, this just is not going to happen – remember also, even accomplished actors and actresses say the words and become the persona of someone else’s imagination. So just don’t do it!

In the words of Mokhov “Are you funny, be funny. Serious, be serious. Angry, be angry.”

For my part, above all enjoy yourself and have fun – without that, there’s no real point anyway.