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Inspiration – Liberate your Future

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The quote today comes from Marilyn Ferguson, who says “Your past is not your potential.  In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.”

Well there it is – my old friend “choice” has come to give me a real swift, sharp, painful kick up the rear end!

Just when I think I’ve got the whole thing carefully sussed out, something like this comes along to remind me just how quickly my focus can wander and even more how quickly I can lose my footing on the path of my life.  And yes . . .  I often do write about what I most need to hear!

Quite often over the last couple of months my thoughts have turned to the past and instead of relocating them to the present and the future, I have allowed them to dwell there, with consequences you understand – there are always consequences.

I’ve allowed myself to dwell on relationships, both business and personal, that are no longer – I have wallowed in the hurt and injustice of the emotions that they aroused.  I have grieved over the loss of animals and companions and friends and seeped myself in self pity – but ultimately at what cost?

Sure these things have to take place and it is healthy to go through them, ironically though, I thought that I had dealt with this . . .  or had I?  Was this self indulgent rubbish or was this me actually going through that process that I thought I had already gone through?  Who knows and quite honestly does it really matter?  Probably not!

What does matter though, is that I shrug it off and get myself re-focused because the more I continue down this path of self pity, the harder it will be for me to get myself back on track.  I have to make a decision, a choice if you will.  That choice is to turn away from the past, forget about it, wipe the slate clean and look to the present and the future.

What do I want to see on the newly cleaned off slate?  How do I want to populate it?  I have a few ideas – do you?