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Inspiration – Procrastination

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The quote today is by an anonymous person who once said “Procrastination is the natural assassin of opportunity.”

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy – the universe certainly delivered a swift sharp well aimed boot to my rear end when it gave me this particular quote.

Make no mistake – I am the master of procrastination – except in my world it is called anything but – Procrastination.

Much like I never, never, ever exaggerate, I don’t procrastinate either! Oh don’t get me wrong – I dream, I plan, I just have to do this or that, it’s too late in the day or it’s too early or I need a cup of tea, or a quick trip to the bathroom. I’m really tired and I can’t concentrate or need some ‘down’ time – anything to distract myself from what I know I have to do – all justified, all legitimate and all very true!

Here’s the thing though, when I do get my head together and I actually sit down and in the words of Jacob Zuma “apply my mind”, the actual task itself usually doesn’t take long and it’s usually quite painless, completely contrary to my initial perception. Then of course I end up kicking my own rear end because I have procrastinated to such an extent that I have left everything to the last minute and put myself under pressure. How ridiculous is that!

Have I learnt the lesson – sometimes I think I have, but the reality is, if I am completely honest, that I still procrastinate.

Thankfully though, I have been made aware of my negative ways and nowadays when I find or realize that I am procrastinating, I stop and make a list of the reasons as to why I am avoiding the task in question. Once I have the understanding of what the problem is, then I can solve it and get to the task a lot quicker. The challenge of course, is to actually admit that I am ‘procrastinating’.

Will I continue to procrastinate in the future – of course I will, its human nature, but I will also be far more aware of what I am doing and hopefully that means I will continually check to see that I am managing my time in the most efficient way.

So how about you – how do you manage your procrastination?