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Motivation – What can be, must be

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Today’s words come from Abraham Maslow who says “A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is ultimately to be at peace with himself.  What one can be, one must be!”

Sounds about right don’t you think? Yet for many it is one of the most challenging things that they ever attempt to do!

I think I can safely say that everyone has a life’s purpose – it’s  ultimately the reason that we humans visit this planet called earth.  Yet for so many, a purpose in life is the last thing that they think about or even contemplate and how very sad is that.

For many, merely putting one foot in front of the other in order to ensure that they have food for their children is about as much as they can allow themselves to think about.  They are so focused on that, that any thought other than that, intrudes and is instantly banished.  Any thought would be considered as an imposition, an evil or a bad thing as it detracts them from their sole purpose which is to put that food on the table.

Many of these souls are damaged in mind and in body – broken by the weight of their world.  Damaged by what they consider their ‘lot in life’, imprisoned by their own minds and fears and how incredibly sad is that.

Here’s the thing though – it is my belief that we all have some sort of potential that we have to fulfill.  We all have something inside of ourselves that drives us, something that makes us cling tenaciously to life itself and until we firstly discover what that “thing” is, what that potential is and secondly until we fulfill that potential we are doomed to wonder around as though we are lost.

I know that on a personal level, if I don’t write something every day it is as though I have forgotten to do something – something is missing or not completed.

If that is how I feel and I believe that I know what my life’s purpose is, I cannot even begin to understand or comprehend what people who are merely existing through life must feel.

Life is designed to be lived to the full, to be enjoyed and savored and to have fun.  So dig down deep, find your passion and your life’s purpose and start living by being all that you can be and fulfill that potential that is so uniquely yours!