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Business Tips – From Employee to Entrepreneur – Part 6

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Please note that this pertains to South African Legislation and Best Practice requirements.

So far we have looked at:-
1. The difference between being an employee and an employer;
2. Your Purpose:
3. The People around you and
4. Your Personal Footprint.
5. Knowledge & what you do with it
6. The Generosity of your Spirit
7. The Role of Technology in your Business
8. Self Confidence
9. Creativity and
10. Focus
11. Vision
12. Result

Believe it or not, there are a whole lot more – today we will explore a few more.

1. Networking
One of the quickest ways to get to people who have more knowledge and more experience than you do is to network. There are many SMME (small, medium, micro-enterprises), entrepreneurial or start-up networking groups out there for you to choose from. Some leave you to your own devices, some are semi facilitated and some are fully facilitated – find one that suits your requirements and get networking. Networking is also a great way to build relationships with like-minded people who often become suppliers and even customers and you will find people who will be willing to assist you by sharing their knowledge and experience.

2. Leadership
Every company needs a leader and as a business owner that is who you are – the leader. Quite honestly, your business success (or failure for that matter) is intrinsically linked to and dependent upon your capability as a leader. You will need to inspire your staff, you will need to gain the trust and respect of your staff and you will need to commit to them if you want commitment from them. If you are not a natural leader or are unsure of your role as a leader, I would suggest that you get yourself off to some training as soon as possible as leaders are not necessarily born but they can also be made. Remember . . . always be the leader that you would want to follow!

3. Management
Every business needs to be properly managed. Whether you are on your own or you have staff, your business still needs to be managed and this is achieved by having some sort of plan in terms of the operation of the business. What are you going to do with regard to sales, delivery etc. and how are you going to achieve that. You have to know where you are going and how you are going to get there in order for you to succeed.

Next time we will continue to look at some of the other issues that you will need or be aware of to become a successful Entrepreneur.

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