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Web Design, Graphic Design, Social Media, Online Marketing & Branding: Meryl from :: pixelmagic ::

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pixelmagicMeryl from pixelmagic says “We like to do what we do really, really well.
Our clients sell stuff online, and we built the tools that help them do it. They need to talk to each other and their clients via their websites: we’ve built their online communication tools. We’ve built our clients blogs, and banner advert systems, and viral emailers;we’ve customised and designed beautiful PowerPoint templates for them and designed their logos. We’ve customised affordable solutions for a truly staggering array of needs.
Whether you are a one person show with a small budget needing to start out with a single page brochureware site, or a huge corporation needing to keep track of multiple clients and sales people and their targets online, we’ve had experience with a similar project.
pixelmagic likes to build truly awesome websites and site accessories.”