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Networking 101 – The Importance of Attitude

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Most people seem to approach a Networking meeting with the “Let’s see what’s in it for me” glint in their eyes. Let’s face it, folks, as Trevor Nel of Inner Circle always says “We all come to these meetings to sell, not to buy”. So what would make your service, your widget, or your IP so much greater than the next person? Why would everyone in the room, suddenly stop wanting to sell their wares and in a unique 180-degree turn, all want to buy something from you – well the obvious answer is nothing!

So, you’re pretty much not going to achieve anything if you expect to be selling 50 deals on the night (day or whenever) of the meeting. Clearly, your mindset needs to change.

Why not try going into the meeting with the idea that a) you are going to meet a whole new bunch of people (who also know a whole new bunch of people) and in doing so, you will strengthen and add to your database or b) you are going to meet a whole new bunch of people who you can leverage off and perhaps form Strategic Alliances or Joint Ventures with or c) now here’s a unique thought – how about you are going to meet a whole new bunch of people who you can actually assist by pointing them in the right direction and thereby being a huge “Value Add” in their businesses.

Either way, you will have scored big time and will also have had value-added to your network, your database, and your business.

Networking for me is about giving assistance and being of help to someone else, believe me – the more help you give the more business you will write. That’s not to say that you become a “mother Theresa” type of figure – you still have to make money to put food on the table, but at this point, money should not be your primary objective.

So the next time you go to a networking event, make sure that your mindset is right, it will open up a whole new avenue to you and help with building new relationships, which in turn will bring you an abundance of new business.