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Inspiration – Ability

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Today’s quote comes from Stevie Wonder, who says “We all have the ability. The difference is how we use it.”

There is a great advert on TV at the moment about talent. It goes something along the lines of talent and whether we are born with it or not. It ends with something like, whether we are born with it or not, in order for it (whatever the talent happens to be) to happen we have to work at it.

Look at all the emerging actresses and actors that seem to be springing up lately, and let’s not forget the new singers and Idol contestants. I know that I always think that they have just ‘sprung’ up out of no-where, but that is just because I haven’t seen them before. It doesn’t mean that they have not been passionate about what they do since they were knee – high to a brick. It doesn’t mean that they haven’t practiced it at every opportunity.

I mean do you really think that the winners of say “Idols”, or “You think you can dance”, woke up one morning and decided to enter a competition, without any kind of preparation, cracked the audition and actually made the finals or even won? This is the real world – stuff like that just does not happen! These people have worked day and night to get to the level of competency that they have achieved. Whether they actually have the talent or the ability is largely dependent on how much effort they have put into or invested in it.

So now here’s a thought – what makes it any difference in business? You may have the greatest widget ever invented or the best service in the world, but if you don’t work at it and get it out there, market it, brand it and get exposure to it, from as many people or organizations as possible, nothing is going to happen.

That is why it is so important to be passionate about what it is that you do – I could think of nothing worse than slogging day in and day out over something that I didn’t really believe in, or something that I didn’t even like (much less love) – quite frankly that would just be a huge waste of time and energy and would also be soul destroying.

So tell me, have you used your ability today and if so, how have you used your ability today?