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MOTIVATION – Unleashed Imagination

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Today’s quote comes from William Arthur Ward who says “Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination.”

How’s that for a mouthful of absolute truth!  We have an ad-campaign running here at the moment (although I forget what the product is) that has a young child saying something along the lines of “they say we should think of out the box!  I say throw the box away!”  The first time I heard it, I was astounded – not only by the words, but by my reaction to them!  You see as an Internal Auditor, many people out there think that I should dress a certain way and behave a certain way, much like a character in some soap opera.  It is their perception of how an ‘auditor’ should be.  I have never fitted into that particular box and I have no intention ever, of fitting into any kind of box, for that matter.

I have always stated that I ‘think outside the box’ and yet here was a totally new concept!  Throw the box away!  How cool is that?  Not having a box to be inside or outside of meant, for me, that much more opportunity.  The mind boggled – well mine did anyway.

I guess that when most people say  that you need to ‘focus’ on the business, they mean always keep your mind on your business.  But what if . . . .  what if, we didn’t so much focus on the business, but rather take the focus off the business and we just allowed ourselves to see and I mean actually see what opportunities there are out there?  Remove the box from our vision, take the blinkers off or however you want to say it – but really look at the different ways that we could collaborate or form joint ventures or work opportunities!

For me it opens up a whole different view – this last week has seen me collaborating with Personal and Business Coaches, and mentors as well as graphic designers and power point facilitators.  I am doing trade exchanges with web designers and IT guru’s and Media people.

Now suddenly the more I look around me, the more opportunities I see.  The more opportunities I see the more my imagination finds ways for me to become involved, the more I become involved the more I am inspired.

So fire up your imagination, lose your blinkers and kick the box out of the way – there is more than enough to go around and there is no reason at all, for you not to have a share.