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Networking 101 – The Process & Practice of Networking

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I left you last time saying that “Networking in its purest form and if done properly is so much more.”  Let’s take it from there.

Networking, for me is not only a practice (you know the story about practice makes perfect), it is also about the process.  Yes it does take practice and the more you practice the better you will become at it and the reason that you will become better at it is because you will have defined your process and what works best for you.

What will work for everyone however is if you understand that networking is something that must be done all the time – it takes continuous effort and if you don’t regard it as an essential marketing tool you will be selling yourself very short.  Networking done in this way means new business at very little or no cost what-so-ever.

We all see thousands upon thousands of adverts every week.  Adverts on bill boards, in neon lights, on TV in the magazines and newspapers – hell you can’t even wait for the robot to change these days without someone shoving something in your face!  Yet in all honesty, how many of these actually have any influence on our lives – personal or business for that matter?  I know that I use the ad breaks on the telly to switch the kettle on or pour myself another drink!

So why on earth would I want to spend my hard earned cash on advertising?  Well my answer of course, is I wouldn’t.  Actually, I don’t advertise anywhere.  I network!  All of my business comes out of Networking!

Referrals from my clients and the people who I network with, have far more impact on prospective clients, than any kind of flyer or flashing neon lights or even a page in the newspaper.

What do you think would work best for you?  Let’s have a look at networking and your competition next time.