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Inspiration – If you’re not growing you’re dying

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The author of my quote for the week is David Molapo.

“If you’re not growing – you’re dying”

What a powerful statement and how incredibly true! Think about the life of a child. Your mother carries you for nine months – pretty exhausting I might add, and then as she gives birth and thinks ‘ok now I can rest for a few moments’ and then the child starts wailing to be fed, or watered, or changed. Once they settle into a routine, she thinks, ‘ok now I’ll rest.’

Sorry for you, because then start the teething and then the usual children’s ailments and before you know it the baby is crawling, and then walking and getting into all sorts of mischief. Then come the terrible twos with the temper tantrums and then before you know it the child is off to school – ‘ok, now I’ll rest” thinks the exhausted mother.

Not yet, because there’s homework and projects, and the taxi service to and from soccer and rugby and dancing and sleepovers and…….

Then comes high school and boyfriends or girlfriends and ……

Now consider for a moment – what would have happened to the child if as it was born, it fell asleep and that is the way it stayed. Not only would the child have probably ‘died’ if not physically, certainly in some or other sense of the word, but for all her wanting to ‘rest’ the mother would have been beside herself with worry as the child was not ‘growing’ in any sense of the word.
That growth should never stop – from school to University and into the big wonderful world, that abounds with opportunity. Our thirst for knowledge and experience should never abate. If it does we will surely shrivel up and die.

Don’t let anyone or anything stifle your natural curiosity – it is there for a reason. Strive to learn, to understand and then to put that skill to use, as you go forward and then . . . well then go and learn some more.

Here’s hoping that you have a ‘curiosity’ filled week!