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Inspiration – Let Life Begin

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Today’s quote comes from Grace Hansen, who says “Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.”

That surely brought a smile to my face, when I think about all the millions and billions of currency that have been spent to keep us young, take away the wrinkles, and stop the aging process. Imagine if you will if that money had been spent on ensuring that life was lived?

I am often amused at the idle conversation at a dinner party – where the discussion is usually centered around who has had what work done. Quite frankly I can’t see the attraction, but then I guess I have more important things to think about, like the content of the next article or how I am going to assist a client with getting BEE compliant or assist them with getting the most benefit out of being a VAT vendor.

Perhaps that is because I have gotten to that place in my life where it’s not the “what I look like” that is important, but rather “who I have become” and what I want to achieve that takes precedence.

I have made peace with my bulging midriff, and my breasts that have lost the battle to gravity, and my ‘crock’ knee that was abused during my youth when I played a lot of sport. So what if I can’t (or perhaps won’t even attempt) to run the four-minute mile, or that I have grey streaks in my hair or that I have laughter lines around my eyes – they are all earned and deserved!

Rather think about the battles that I have fought and won! Things like making a difference in the lives of individuals, playing it forward, and giving back. Think about the journey that I have taken where I have grown as an individual and a person (yes and around the midriff too). Think about the person who has challenged the universe and come out the other end – positive and with a purpose in life.

So before life passes you by, and believe me it will – think about doing something worthwhile with it rather than running around frenetically looking for ways to prolong it. No matter how much you stretch it, if you do nothing with it, nothing will have been gained.