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Inspiration – Prepare the way

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This week quote comes from Ralph Marston.

“Prepare the way
On its own, this day is filled with immense value. And in addition, this day gives you the opportunity to prepare for the days and the years to come.
Living this day with purpose, gratitude, love and integrity will provide you with a double reward. Not only do you make this day the most fulfilling it can be right now, you also prepare yourself in the best possible way for the days that follow.
Nothing is more frustrating than to have the opportunity of a lifetime come along when you are not prepared to seize its promise. You don’t have to let that happen to you.
For each day is an opportunity to live fully and to prepare diligently. The two go hand in hand.
By making the most of every moment, you are putting yourself in a position to fulfil the best possibilities when they open up to you. Always keep in mind that what you do today sets the stage for your tomorrow.
Fill this day with positive purpose, focused effort and all the joy you can give. And you’ll prepare the way for an even brighter future.”

I am often told that it is important to live, not in the past and not in the future – but in the present. This article just proves that by living in the present, the future will be prepared for!

Having said that, however, the fact of the matter is and remains that we still have to make things happen for ourselves. So often we sit around on our backsides and wait . . . wait for God knows what, because all the waiting in the world will not make it happen.
We have to do that for ourselves.

So on a daily basis, prepare what you need to do for the day (note that was not ‘wait’ for the day), do them and watch what happens in the future.

Hope you all have an awesome and inspired day.