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Networking 101 – The difference between flirting and warmth

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Dr. Renate Volpe, in her nugget cards entitled “Networking Tips” says:

“Flirtation and warmth are different energies.  Identify these within yourself and use them appropriately.”

There are several networking meetings that I attend, and at many of them there is a guy who is in his 60’s and the first people that he targets are the ‘young’ ladies.

It is quite embarrassing for us seasoned Networkers, who have invited people along to a meeting, with the sole intention of doing business and most of the time we just try and make a joke of it, but the bottom line is that he is losing a lot of sales because of it, and the sales he is losing is from the very women that he is targeting.

You see, sadly he sees himself as being really charming, but the majority of the girls see him as being a bit of a ‘pervert’!  In fact that is the exact word that someone used to describe him the other night.

How well do you think that that is working for him?

It’s now gotten to the stage that he pressures them into a one on one meeting with him, at the Networking event and then they  cancel afterwards.  This is just not good business acumen.

The reality of the situation is that because he cannot differentiate between being ‘charming’ and being a ‘bit of a pervert’, he is losing business hand over foot.

So believe me – understand the difference between being warm and friendly and flirtation.

The one will bring you heaps of business, the other will ensure that you don’t get any.

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