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Networking 101 – Networking for the right reasons

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Strange as it may seem – well to me anyway, many people who go to Networking events, really don’t understand how to Network or even what their objective is.

Most people usually join or attend a networking event in total desperation.  It’s often the ‘last ditch’ effort to keep their businesses alive.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they then Network effectively.

The problem arises of course, when they come purely to sell their widget and/or service and that is all that they are focused on.

Sadly at this point all that happens is that they foist their attentions on everybody at the meeting and/or event, telling those that are polite enough to listen, how wonderful said widget and/or service is.

Please believe me when I tell you that this is not going to work and they will leave, sadly disillusioned about Networking and Business and probably life in general too.

Networking is not just telling people what you have to offer – it is also about listening to what other people have to offer.  It’s about asking questions in order to understand what the other person does so that you can see who to refer them to.  It’s about answering questions, openly and honestly so that the other person can understand what you do in order for them to refer you to others.

It’s about building relationships.

If you go to a Networking event purely to sell – you will fail!

I go to Networking events to meet people who are like minded and who are serious about business, and who want to form collaborations or engage in dialogue to explore opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

I go to Networking events to develop relationships that I know will bring about a lot of work for me and for everyone else in my ‘circle of influence’.

Why do you go to Networking events?