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Inspiration – Choose how you are going to live

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Joan Baez said “You don’t get to choose how you are going to die, or when.  You can only decide how you are going to live – now.”

This really does resonate with me at the moment.  You see I am really down in the dumps and feeling very sorry for myself.  There’s no real reason for me to be feeling like this – nothing has gone wrong, no-one has slighted me in any way – in fact I am really busy on the work front and very content on the home front.  I’m just feeling blue!

Now I have often written about the choices that we make (or don’t make for that matter) so I do understand from a logical prospective, that me being blue is some sort of choice that I have made on a subconscious level and that therefore I can, on a conscious level, make another choice to be upbeat and positive.

The problem for me right now is that is that it is easy to make that choice – the difficulty of course is in the ‘living’ of that choice.

The difficulty now for me is to look beyond the fog that is clouding my mind.  You see the blues that I am having is not based or bound by logic but by emotion.  So clearly I have to step away from all the emotion in order for me to get back to the place where logic prevails – and of course that is another choice that I have to make.

One step at a time, once choice at a time and of course, my mindset will change and the blues will simply just fade away.

So, here I go to make a choice . . . .