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Networking 101 – The Dream Referral

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Today I continue with my tips on the ‘how to’ of getting your dream referrals from your ‘Circle of Influence’ or Network.

Last week we looked at teaching our Networks about what our “Dream Referral” looks like.  This week I would like to talk about ‘getting what we ask for’.

Now I’m sure that brought a smile to many faces, as we are often told to ‘be careful what you ask for’ and yet this is exactly what it is that I want to discuss.

We often hear people at Networking meetings, asking us to refer them to “Anyone who wants and/or who is looking for . . . .” or how about “Everyone who want and/or who is looking for . . . .”  I am sure you remember exactly who they are and also exactly what the product and/or service is that they want you to refer on their behalf.  You don’t!  You really don’t!  Ok, let me explain why you don’t.

It appears that when we hear to many ‘anyone’s’ and ‘everyone’s’ we tune out because we know so many anyone’s and/or everyone’s that it becomes too much and we end up not referring ‘anyone’ to ‘everyone’, or is it the other way around?  I am led to believe that this has something to do with information overload, and let’s face it – there is a huge amount of irrelevant information out there.  So in order for us to access the correct information we need to ask specific questions.

So too it is with referrals!  If you want the right referral, you have to be specific with your request when asking for referrals.

Be specific about who you would like to do work for and the kind of work that you want to do, so that your Networking partners have a clear picture in their minds of the type of person/referral that you are wanting.

Remember though – Be careful what you wish for!