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Customer Service 101 – Power to the People

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It is said that collectively, we as consumers are incredibly powerful! Strong words I am sure that you will agree!

You see, we vote for a company either with our wallets, our words or in fact our feet. Every time we make a purchase for a service or a product, we are voting with our wallets and telling that particular company that we approve of their service or product. On the other hand, every time we choose not to make a purchase or we use one of the competitors we are voting with our feet and in doing so we are actually telling that company that we no longer are choosing to purchase their services or products. Then of course when we complain about a service or product we are voting with our words.

It is those words that can cause the most damage. You see when we vote with our feet – it definitely has a negative impact on the bottom line, but when we vote with our words the negative impact on the bottom line is far greater because not only has that company lost our sales, but in all probability, it has also lost the sale of all the people that we have spoken to.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending upon which way you look at the problem, statistics show that only 10% of the people who are not satisfied with a product or a particular service actually initiate any kind of action. This, in real terms, gives the companies somewhat of a false sense of security in terms of the level of service and actually does us, consumers, an injustice. Why you may ask – well if the truth is told, the perception is that the service is not as bad as it actually is.

It is for this very reason, that every single complaint should be viewed in the most serious of light. Action must be taken as soon as the complaint is received and Companies should take all complaints extremely seriously.

As a service provider, you should be continuously trying to find ways in which to ‘up’ the level of your service.

You need to give the kind of service that you would like to receive.