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Customer Service 101 – Sick of Poor Service

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So why is it that many customers do not complain? Well, one theory is that it is because of the physical reactions to their own bodies that make people reluctant to make the complaint in the first place.

According to Harris Interactive, 85% of the respondents in a survey said that they had “customer experiences so appalling that they have:
• Used foul language (29%)
• Developed a headache (21%)
• Felt chest pain (6%) and
• Cried (5%)

The most common frustrations are:
• Not being able to understand a customer service agent (44%)
• Being put on hold, listening to bad music or repetitive messages (45%)
• Spending a great deal of time on a website or automated phone system searching for important information and not finding it (39%).”

Actually, my pet hate is not even mentioned in this lot, although I am sure that I cannot be the only one to experience it. It’s the customer service call centre person who will not put you through to a supervisor or a manager or anyone for that matter, despite the fact that they cannot or will not or do not have the grey matter to assist you.

Clearly, the reality of the situation in South Africa is that good customer service doesn’t seem to be on the agenda at all.

Part of the problem I suppose is that many customers, who want to complain often don’t know how to complain, where to go to complain or even what to complain about, strange as that may sound. On the other hand, there are many companies who don’t have the necessary infrastructure in place to handle queries and complaints and the result is that you get passed on from one person to the next, obviously explaining the whole story each time you get passed onto another poor soul who has no clue how to help and so just passes you on again!

Talk about frustration!

The onus, I am afraid is on us, the consumer. In order for Companies to actually do something about bad service, it is up to us to get the message through to them that things are wrong and that we want to change.

We, as consumers have the power to ensure that businesses give us better service, but we have to speak up, take action and get the ball rolling.