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Inspiration – What is Standing Between You and Your Goal

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Jordan Belford says “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story that your keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

Don’t confuse this with the little voice inside your head that you have a discussion with from time to time – this is your very own self telling you all sorts of stories to justify why you have not achieved that you have set out to do.

You know the stories that I am talking about . . . it’s the one we’ve always used from time to time. You know the “my dog ate my homework” one or “the alarm did not go off!” one.

It’s the ones that we always use when we want to shift the blame for something that we have not done, onto someone else.

It’s the ones most politicians use when they refuse to take responsibility for not doing what they should have.

We all know that it is wrong, but we do it anyway.

So how about it folks – how about we all stop mucking about and start taking charge of our own lives and in doing so, our own destinies.

How about we sit down and put pen to paper in the form of an action plan, that has not only the things that need to be done, but also the date by which by which it must be done.

How about we make a commitment to ourselves, for ourselves and then we actually keep it.

How about we change what we usually do (and that is to blame somebody else) and hold ourselves accountable for our own actions (or non-actions)!

How about we just get it done so that we can succeed and achieve our goals.

How about we just get out of our own way and stop the bullshit stories and write a new story of how we achieved what we said we would.

How about that . . .