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Nikki’s Tip of the Week – week-ending 19th May 2018 & some Opportunities

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I am often flabbergasted but more saddened by the number of people who think that they never have to learn anything new again, after they have left school. I don’t get it! Seriously, I don’t get it.

I have always been really curious about things – how they work, what they mean and how they would change the way I look at things. Don’t get me wrong, learning for the sake of learning is a real waste of time, especially if you don’t action what you have learnt. Why would you learn something if it is meaningless to you and doesn’t serve any purpose. Why would you learn about something if it doesn’t ignite your passion and inspire you?

I have found that as I get older, I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to buying online courses and often have several waiting in the wings for me to start and I can’t wait to get started. That said, I know that I can only do one online course at a time and one book at a time because I do the study and the reading as if I were at school and unfortunately, I have to limit my ‘study time’ or that is what I would be doing all day. Sometimes it’s really hard though not to get frustrated, when I see them all there, waiting in line to be the next subject that I tackle or the next book that I read but I also know that I cannot force the pace or I might just lose or miss something important. So they all wait patiently like little gems or little nuggets, until I am ready for them.

Once I’ve got it and actioned it, I like to share it – pretty much like I am doing right here and I will tell it to somebody, in the hope that it will influence or inspire their lives, much the same as it has mine.

So please remember to make the time in your busy schedule to learn something new every day. It will broaden your outlook and change the way that you think and when you think differently, you do things differently and when you do things differently you grow as a human being.

After the Weekly Blog Tip, there is also some exciting news/information/opportunities from the following people:

– Colleen Larsen’s Gender Mainstreaming Awards and a Newbie award.
– Dudu Msomi is hosting a forum on How Racial Stereotypes are Choking South Africa’s Economic Growth and has some powerful speakers who will share their knowledge and experience with you. I certainly will be there as these are always such interesting events.
– Here is the link to Louise Mowbray’s profile. Louise is a Leadership coach and yes we all need either coaching or mentoring for us to go to the next level –

Here’s the deal . . .

Please feel free to engage with me, or not. Please feel free to send me your own snippets of information, early warnings, appropriate funnies and what have you, to share with other like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

I hope and trust that you will enjoy the journey with me.

This weeks’ Blog:

SALES 101 – Knowledge is Key

By Nikki Viljoen – Viljoen Consulting (Pty) Ltd

I know that I am one of the most impatient people on the planet. Talk about instant gratification – when I want something, I want it right now! Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Fact of the matter is that I am no different from most people on the face of the earth and certainly no different from any of my SMME colleagues.

Here’s the thing though, you would not expect yourself to become proficient or an expert after one piano lesson or a master chef from reading one cookery book, so why on earth would you expect yourself to become an expert sales person after making just one sale? Doesn’t make any kind of logical sense now does it?

Like most things in life I have to keep learning about it, I have to keep reading up on it, I have to keep implementing what I have learnt. I have to keep up to date with the trends and what is happening in my working and business environment. Those of you who know me and who have been in my office will attest to the large piles of books, magazines and articles that I have all over the place, not to mention the pile of magazines in the bathroom and the toilet. As I have mentioned in some of my articles before, much of what I write is what I most need to hear and this is no exception. As I do the research for and write these articles for my blog and share with my fellow SMME’s so I learn and grow my own business.

I understand that after almost 50 years since I was last in a classroom, I have to again become a student and learn, not only about selling but all the other skills that are needed as a small business owner. Skills such as branding and marketing, general business skills, skills around negotiation and the ‘how to’ of people skills and please don’t forget anything and everything around finance and tax. New technology also needs to be understood to a certain degree and for me that means knowing what can be done rather than how it does it.

Of late, I find myself becoming quite an information junkie, I devour books, magazines and shamelessly trawl the internet for information, I can’t seem to get enough and I also seem to need more and more.

Don’t forget though, although the saying is ‘knowledge is power’ the true power is unleashed when you do something with that knowledge! So don’t just be learning, make sure that you do something with your new found knowledge. That’s the key.

Nikki is an Internal Auditor and Business Administration Specialist who can be contacted on 083 702 8849 or or

What’s Happening in the Life of Colleen Larsen & Business Engage

Herewith notice of two additional categories for the 6th Gender Mainstreaming Awards.

Nominate an individual for the Inclusive Leader Award.
Nominated by a subordinate, or group of subordinates, this person (male or female) demonstrates business leadership qualities that are aligned to the ethos of gender mainstreaming.

They have ingrained into their leadership style a recognition of the provable benefits to their business that diversity brings, with special emphasis on gender.

The nomination is made by a person or group of people who know the nominee very well, primarily in a business role, and the nominee accepts the nomination in writing.

Visit…/…/134-inclusive-leader-award for the criteria for nomination.


Nominate an individual for the Positive Role Model Award.

The nominee will be a female role model who is acknowledged as a person who is changing the face of gender mainstreaming in her own way; by her actions, deeds, utterances and general mannerisms.

The nominee is nominated by a person or group of people who know her very well, primarily in a business role, and the nominee accepts the nomination in writing.

Visit…/135-positive-role-model-awa… for the criteria for nomination

Kind regards

Look what is happening in the Life of Dudu Msomi

Hope you will join me, I am hosting a forum at GIBS Thursday, 21June, 17:00 for 17:30 – 19:30 on how Racial Stereotypes are choking South Africa’s Economic Growth. Registration.

To register please click on the link below.

Details on the speakers to follow. Your participation and support would be much appreciated