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Business Sophistication Assessments

There is no lack of SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas for services and/or products.There is no lack of SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs with an abundance of passion and heart.

What there is a lack of is SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs with the knowledge and/or experience to run a business.
Does this mean that SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs are stupid? Of course it doesn’t! It just means that they are not properly informed.
It means that they concentrate more on the sales than on the back office and this will ultimately mean that deliverables will not be met, staff troubles will sprout and they may even lose control of the financial aspect of the Company.
Small business owners and entrepreneurs are expected to grow the economy, yet it is these same small business owners and entrepreneurs who have to deal with the same red tape (and usually at the same cost) as the big corporate companies.
At the same time, very few small business owners and/or entrepreneurs know where to go to get the information that they need in order to run their businesses professionally and in so doing assure themselves of  sustainable development and growth in their businesses.
Viljoen Consulting CC has developed a holistic Assessment Questionnaire that covers all the need to know type issues that most SMME’s and/or Entrepreneurs would not even think of.
Issues such as Legislative requirements, to Occupational Health & Safety requirements, BEE requirements and Employment Equity requirements and the every present reality check on issues around the Labour Relations requirements are dealt with.
Putting this together with very practical questions that deal specifically with the Administration and Operational requirements of any sound business, this Assessment highlights all the possible problems that may be encountered by SMMEs and/or Entrepreneurs who traditionally have very little understanding of the nuts and bolts of how a business should be run.
Once highlighted, Viljoen Consulting CC gives practical solutions and suggestions to all the issues that need to be rectified.
detailed report is compiled for the Business Owner to use as a check list to correct and/or put practical policies, procedures and templates in place, which will build a strong foundation from which a sustainable business can be built.
Don’t be caught like an Ostrich with its head buried in the sand, because you know that things are not quite right, but don’t know where to start looking or even what you will find.
Be proactive and take charge of your business.

Take an hour and a half to two hours to have the Assessment done, find out what your problems are and then start working on the solutions provided – one at a time. Empower yourself and take charge of your business and watch it grow from strength to strength.

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