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Business Tips – The Poker Player

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Dr Renate Volpe, in her Political Intelligence nuggets says “Game 8: The Poker player. Encourages another person to share information, without revealing their own position.”

Oh I know these ones – they are the people who usually throw one or two words out and on very rare occasions an entire sentence may go into the pot and then they sit back and wait and watch and listen to everything that everyone else has to say. As the conversation wanes or stops altogether they will throw the next lot of words or another sentence into the mix again.

Usually, they sit back with a huge self satisfied grin across their faces as they take in all the information that comes out of the conversation, whilst putting very little back in.

From this information they use whatever they need to for their own purposes, never, ever giving anything back.

From my own personal point of view they are like vampires, constantly sucking the life blood out of you. Always looking for new information, always on the periphery of any conversation, but never actually part of it.

In my opinion an exchange of ideas/information, is exactly that . . . exchanging or brainstorming and I always try and make myself aware of individuals who hang about just to listen in and not contribute in any way.

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