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Marketing – Special Offer

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Firstly, compliments of the season – may we all prosper, beyond all expectations in 2009!

I am starting the New Year off with a “Special”!

During the holidays, I added a considerable number of Policies, Procedures and Templates to my ‘store’ and I am feeling so good about my achievement, I want to share with you.

So for all policies, procedures and templates purchased – and paid for –  between now and the  31st  January 2009, I will be giving a 15% discount.

Some of the new and really handy ones are:
1.    A73 – Supplier Recruitment.  This is really great for those who are VAT vendors and/or BEE compliant.  It will assist VAT vendors in  optimizing VAT output in order to increase the amount of VAT that they can claim and great for clients who are BEE compliant (or in the process of becoming compliant) to ensure that they can optimize the number of points they can score in terms of supplier procurement.
2.    H56 – Disciplinary Code & Procedure Policy.  This is for those who have staff and who are not sure what the guidelines are.  So when can you issue a ‘verbal’ warning, or when is it appropriate to issue ‘written’ warnings and when can you skip to the front of the queue and dismiss without having to even issue a solitary warning.
3.    H64 – Sexual Harassment Policy.  I guess this one is self explanatory
4.    H1 – Alcohol & substance Abuse Policy. Now I know that this one is self explanatory
5.    O2 – HIV/Aids Policy.  How many of you actually know the status of your employees and even if you did, do you know how to treat them?

Other’s that are also useful, but not quite so ‘heavy’,

6.    Retrenchment templates
7.    Certificates of service
8.    Bookkeeping – monthly checklist and procedure
9.    Electronic and paper – Filing procedure – how many of you have millions of files and still can’t find anything?
10.    Prevention of Organised Crime Act – I’m pretty sure, a few of you didn’t even know that this exists.

Anyway – those are some of the Policies/Procedures and Templates that I have on hand – if you would like to have  a look at the list and see what your Business could do with, drop me a mail on or give me a call on 083 702 8849 and I will forward it to you.

It’s really simple – send me a mail telling me which ones you want, I will send you an invoice, deposit the money into my account and as soon as it reflects I will forward the Policy/Template/Procedure straight to you.

Have a great day

Best regards

Nikki Viljoen
N Viljoen Consulting CC