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Sales 101 – How to Increase your Sales Income – Part 5

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How about your attitude and mindset? Quite frankly, I am sick to death of sales people who make me feel like they are doing me a favour, or how about the sales person who you ask directions to a specific item and they send their eyes heavenwards, let out a huge sigh and then ever so slowly start walking in the direction of . . . well who knows where because I never stick around long enough to find out.

Prospective clients do not come into the store or office, specifically to listen to your trials and tribulations – they come in to buy. Your personal life is, well exactly that, your personal life and it has nothing to do with the client.

Sitting or standing there with a long face is not going to help your personal situation and it is surely not going to help your professional situation either. Leave your troubles at home, don’t bring them to work.

Make each prospective client feel like they are the only reason that you have come to work today. Their wish is your command. Show them what they need to see, tell them what they need to know about the service or product and do it with a smile and then watch what happens.

Think about how you react in a restaurant. There you are waiting to try and catch the waiter’s eye because you want to order, but the waiter is so busy chatting to his friends, that you and your needs are totally forgotten – except of course when it is time to leave a tip, then of course you are not forgotten at all. Focus on the needs of the client, don’t be distracted by the other staff, take care of your clients and they will take care of you in the form of a sale that will in all probability result in a commission, a tip or even a well earned testimonial to the boss.