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Sales 101 – Selling in Tough Times – Part 2

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Following on from last week, here are some more tips on Selling in Tough Times.

The next one is Keeping your Pipeline full

This is definitely something that you should be doing all the time – not only when times are tough. It’s a good idea to put at least one new prospect or opportunity into your pipeline on a daily basis. Look around you, be aware of the people around you, be even more of all the opportunities that are in great abundance all around us all. Remember though, recognizing an opportunity is great, but it is really not enough, you have to do something about it – it requires an action on your part for that opportunity to be turned into a reality.


Oh this is one that I really like – Network, Network, Network! Always, always, always have your business cards with you – don’t leave home without them. Set a goal or a target of new people to meet on a daily basis – four or five new people a day is a good start. Exchange business cards with them. Find out who they are and what it is that they do. Tell them who you are and what it is that you do. Work the synergies between you and if there aren’t any, don’t stress it – connect them with the people in your database or your circle of influence that they may need to be in touch with. Understand that this may not bring you any kind of business immediately, but what it will do is set you up for the future and future business.

Ask Questions

Most sales people don’t ask the right questions and very seldom listen. The usual for them is to launch into this huge explanation about their product or their service and long explanations about how their product or service will revolutionize your life. Stop! Instead of waxing lyrical about how wonderful your product or service is, ask your prospect what they need and want and then just shut up and listen – I mean really listen. People feel more comfortable about buying something that they know they need rather than something that they are told that they need. If their needs have been met, because you have listened to what it is that they need or want, the sale will be much easier.

Next week we will look at some more tips on Selling in Tough Times.