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Business Tips – Firing a Client – Part 2

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Following on from last week . . .

Here we are, pulling our hair out, having heart palpitations and generally feeling like we just cannot cope any more. The reason for us feeling like this is a difficult client. These are some of the reasons why you should be firing your client (or getting them to fire themselves.)

You have to continually chase after them, follow up for feedback, constantly remind them of things and literally baby them. This means that you are managing your client and usually the management of the client takes longer than it does to do the actual work. Now if you are not charging for the time that it takes you to manage the client, this means that you are actually running at a loss and no-one gets into the business of business to run at a loss. It’s like having a wayward child and one that you didn’t even give birth to – so here’s the thing, either charge them for the additional hours or get yourself a client that doesn’t need to be treated like a child.

What about the client who expects you to do illegal things? No I don’t mean the client who asks you to take someone out – nothing that serious, but the client that asks you to use photographs that neither of you have taken or downloaded and use music that you haven’t paid any licenses for or material that neither of you have written. Either which way, it’s not legal and it’s not ethical and . . . well, it’s just not right. Walk away from them and you do the right thing.

Oh and don’t forget the client who constantly moans and groans about the costs of what it is that you doing – no matter how much ‘discount’ you give them, it’s never enough and from experience the more discount you give them, the more demanding they become, giving you work at the last minute and expecting you to drop everything in order to do it and then groaning about the cost again and haggling about the price again and expecting yet another discount. You will come out of this one mentally and physically exhausted and wondering if it is worth it all – and no, quite frankly, it isn’t. Cut your losses and walk away – rather find a client who understands and appreciates your worth and the value that you add to their business.

Next time we will have a look at some additional reasons on why to get rid of some of your clients.