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Sales 101 – Selling in Tough Times – Part 4

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For the final part in this particular series, I think it would be fitting to discuss the “Let’s look busy” syndrome.

Let’s face it folks, when times get tough and jobs are on the line, most people, including sales people feel the need to ‘look busy’, so they generally up their activity rate.  This means that they will look for more prospects, book more appointments, phone more.  Don’t get me wrong, doing all of these things, in itself is not a bad thing  as long as all of this added activity is adding to the bottom line.  If these phone calls are turning into sales or the booking of appointments are turning into signed and confirmed deals or the prospecting is turning up gold – then of course it is a really good thing. However, making appointments just to make yourself look busy is never a good idea.  Not only will the bosses cotton on at some stage, but it will also result in a false sense of achievement which will really knock you flat when the commissions or the business doesn’t come pouring in.  So be realistic in what you are doing.  Be honest about what you are doing – especially to yourself.  Don’t keep names of ‘potential’ prospects just because they make your list look longer – get rid of all the dead wood and work on the living instead.

Finally always believe in yourself.  Tough times are like most things in life – they will pass at some stage.  I have no doubt that you have been there before, I certainly have and one thing you can be sure of, we will both be there again.  It is the circle of life.  So understand that once they are over we will both be top of the heap again and we will prosper again.  How you choose to deal with and manage yourself during the bad times will determine the level of your success.  Think about all the positive aspects in your life rather than dwell on the negative.  Be selective about what you watch or read in the news – makes sure that you surround yourself with the good things, the positive things and positive people.

Stay focused, be disciplined in all that you do, retain your optimism and you will get through this.  Above all, remember to have fun.  Life is about living.