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Inspiration – Stand up and be Counted

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Isn’t it really wonderful, that no matter how much we like to complicate things – the fact of the matter is that life is really quite simple? As much as there is something like 256 different shades of grey, there are no grey areas in life itself.

You see for every issue that we have to deal with as a society, life only gives us three responses. Our response then dictates the results that we have to live with as a society.

Here’s the thing – we are either for something or against it or we do not have an opinion. Not having an opinion is often called “sitting on the fence” or as I like to call it “Splitting the difference”.

Having any one of these three opinions will result in one of two effects. That is either a positive or a negative effect or outlook.

Now, here’s the problem. Not having an opinion either way usually tilts the scales in favour of the negative effect – not so good hey?

So, waiting for someone else to make a decision for you will in all probability result in the negative occurring.

Therefore, if you want a positive action or reaction, don’t wait for other people to make the decision for you. Stand up yourself and be counted. Make a stand for what you believe in and what you know is the right thing to do.

Show the world that you have the courage of your own convictions.