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Business Tips – Being your own boss – Part 7

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Being passionate about your business and what it is that you do is a given and it is something that you should not be faulted for. Having a business that you are not passionate about is just plain madness and it will break your heart as well as do damage to your soul. That said however, as business owners we also need to ensure that our passion does not get us carried away.

Let me explain. Sometimes we are so ‘gung ho’ about our product or service that we feel that every single person on the planet should be jumping up and down for whatever it is that we are selling. Don’t be naïve. Don’t be so arrogant! This is what is commonly known as ‘selling to yourself’ and we are all guilty of it at some stage of our business lives.

On a regular basis talk to people, family, friends, acquaintances, potential customers, your networking group, whoever will give you the time of day and give you an unbiased opinion – and ask the question. “Is this what people need/want/desire to have”? It is important to ensure that what you are selling is current. Don’t get bent out of shape if you get an answer that you are not particularly looking for, in fact be thankful that people are honest – it may be your saving grace.

By getting this honest feedback on a regular basis, you may very well be able to make changes in the direction that your business is going, before disaster strikes.

Don’t be scared to engage these incredible people in some more questions – ask them how you could improve your idea, your service and any other ideas that they may have. Get down off you pedestal and don’t be defensive. Listen carefully to what they have to say – write down all the ideas that come out of the brainstorming session.

Once you have calmed down and you are thinking clearly again – take a look at what came out of the session. Keep an open mind and honestly analyse the ideas. Keep the most useful, tweak those that need tweaking and discard the rest.

Get these people together on a regular basis – let them challenge you and your ideas – your business will only prosper because of it.