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Inspiration – So What is the Secret of Success

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Let’s first discuss, what is success? What I consider to be “successful”; is usually and can be completely different to what other people see or consider as successful.

Then, of course, there are different degrees of success. Flicking a switch and turning a light on is success. Finding the information you are looking for on the first try is also a huge success.

We are all exposed to “successful” people on a daily basis. Turn on the TV and watch successful megastars, open a newspaper or read a book – more successful people. There is no shortage of successful people and an abundance of opportunities for us to read about them and how they became successful.

Hell, just watch any reality show like Idols or Survivor and you can actually watch someone becoming successful.

Many of these people “share” how they became successful or what they consider as their “secrets to success”.

In every single instance, the successful person that you meet with, read up on, watch on television or at the movies or engage in any way with, you will see and feel the absolute passion and drive that they have to realize their dream. You will hear, how from (usually a very young age) this is what they wanted, what they hungered for, what every waking (and often dreaming) second of the day and night they lived for. They lived their dream into being a reality.

With each step closer to the realization of their dream, their efforts intensified and they became more and more focused on what they wanted to do and kept on slowly but surely putting one foot in front of the other, continuously moving forward towards their goal – the realization of their dream.

Nothing stops them, nothing deters them and believe me, nothing gets in their way – they will find a way around, or over, or under any obstacle that you put in their way. They are determined, hungry and focused on what it is that they want.

And all of it . . . starts off with a single dream.

So, I’ll ask you now, what is it that you dream of? What is your dream of success? Do you even have a dream?