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Business Tip – Being Your Own Boss – Part 12

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So here we are almost at the end of this particular journey.

Many of the institutions that you will engage with, will almost definitely ask you for your business plan.

By taking you on this particular journey in the manner that I have however, means that I have taught you how to create your own business action plan. How cool is that and not nearly as difficult as you thought it may be.

Although not quite the same as a business plan, your business action plan evidences the research that you have done, whilst explaining what your business is all about. It also gives you a step by step, logical chain of events that will ensure that you grow yourself a strong and sustainable business.

Now all that is left for you to do is to document everything you have learnt in this series and your business action plan will be ready to go.

Don’t forget to start off by defining exactly what your business is and what the main benefits are to your clients or target market.

Make sure that your plan is easy to read and understand by demarcating the various sections and keeping them separate from each other. For example, operational and administrative issues are very different and should be kept apart. Don’t forget to include all the legal/legislative requirements as well as your branding, marketing and sales requirements.

The financial aspects of your business are also extremely important and this should include your pricing module as well as cash flow predictions.

Each step of your business action plan should include the next action step that you intend to take in order for you to achieve your goals.

As your business grows, so too should your business action plan. It should evolve and monitor and even be used as a measurement tool to see what has worked, in order for you to continue to grow your business successfully.

Good luck and remember to always have fun!