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Motivation – Understanding Ourselves

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Carl Jung says “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”.

I know that one of the lessons that I learnt in life at a very young age, is that the “cute” things that first attracted me to a potential love interest was also the first thing that irritated me to such an extent that I ‘fired’ their butts at the first opportunity.

It wasn’t until years later however, that I began to understand the reasons behind this.  You see it’s the things that others do that irritate me that I mostly need to change in myself, be it a physical trait or a mindset that needs a change or even a tweak.

For myself, the greater the irritation, the greater my own need for me to change something within myself.

From my blood pressure rising as I drive and try and negotiate the traffic in Gauteng, to losing my sense of humour as I watch in disbelief, yet another stupid advert.  The manner in which I react to any given situation reflects my attitude at the time as well as my choice (or lack thereof) to react in the manner that I have.

So the next time that you become irritated by something someone does or says – stop for a moment and think about why it is that you are irritated.  Look into yourself, into your heart and the very core of your being, and if you are honest – brutally honest with yourself, you will understand what it is about yourself that you need to change.

In that understanding, a decision is made and in that decision being made an action to change takes place.

In making that change, the direction of your life will also change and you will grow as an individual.

Who would have thought, that the irritating presence or irritating action of a person has brought about some of the most significant changes in my life!