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Sales 101 – The Joys of Pre-Sold Sales

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What is a ‘Pre-Sold Sale’?  For me it is the sale that I don’t have to sell.  It’s the client who comes to me for my service because I have been recommended by someone that they trust.  Again it boils down to relationships and the building of relationships.

The two most pronounced factors here are ‘relationships’ and ‘trust’.  You see me being recommended by someone that you trust, means that I don’t have to do anything about the sale – it’s already done, because the person who has recommended me has already tried my services.  The services have been tested and found to be acceptable and they have given me their stamp of approval!  All I have to do is deliver what the client wants.  It’s the best sale that there is.

So don’t be scared to go back to your database of past and present clients and ask them to recommend you.  Don’t be scared to ask them to ‘listen’ out for people who need your product or service.  By recommending you they are also adding value to what it is that they do and to their clients too.

Yip, Pre-Sold Sales for me are the very best kind!